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Discover Cascais while staying at Luna House!

       So, you made a reservation at Luna House, checked the weather, what to do and where to go in Cascais, but still haven’t read insider tips? Count on us to give you suggestions of places only insiders know and take a look at this selection we prepared for you to get the most from your experience in Cascais.

     Cascais is a charming fisherman’s village known for its unique views and incredible weather. Its beaches offer refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean and is stage for several water sports displays.

      What you don’t know is that Cascais has not only sand and seagulls to offer…


Boca do Inferno

      Prepare your walking shoes and make a list of places you must visit! There is so much beauty around that is left behind and not-so-touristy. 

      Staying at Luna House & Cowork you are close to the most featured places, that not every tourist should know about. Only Ribeira das Vinhas with Marmeleira Park is worth lot. Start your day with a trip from Luna House, head to Mercado da Villa where every Wednesday and Saturday gardeners are offering their harvest:  buy yourself fresh fruits and vegetables to get ready for the hike. Right behind Cascais Villa, you may find a trail towards the Sintra Mountains.


Climbing School behind Casa da Guia

       Passing through the Marmeleiras Park you may choose to stay and enjoy the sun or continue your walk up to Quinta do Pisao fields with donkeys, sheep, wild horses all you may find there.While making a visit to the city centre dont forget to pass by Cidadela Fortress with Marchal Carmona Park, the whole area is surrounded by beautiful buildings. After you leave the Park you may visit Cascais Harbour, stop on a coffee break at Kafeine. While having a coffee you may notice the LightHouse, the view from the top of it is stunning. After only 15 min more and you will be at Boca do Inferno well known opened cave, destroyed by the wild atlantic.

Light House and Museum Santa Marta

Lack of inspiration? Come with Luna!


Working and being in a fast-paced routine in a different country can be challenging in terms of inspiration. Staying motivated and inspired when you are in a new environment may take a bit more effort, especially for being away from the familiar places, people, and things that are part of your everyday life. However, there are ways to stay inspired and motivated while working in a different city or country and we are here to help you get the most out of your new life in Cascais!

The photo portraits a woman sitting on the sofa, writing on a planner.

First, find a place to work and plan your week. Establishing a routine and having a set schedule can help you keep on track and focused on your work. Sometimes neglected but equally important is giving yourself some breaks throughout the day and doing activities you enjoy, such as yoga or reading. They will help you stay inspired and refreshed.

Luna tip: offer your best smile and say hi to the people you now share your Coworking Space with. Meeting the people from the community you are joining helps you feel more at ease and opens your world to new perspectives that can boost you toward extraordinary insights.

Second, look for ways to connect with the local culture. Get out and explore the area or attend local events or festivals. Cascais can be a small villa, but here you can find local events like thematic parades for Christmas, carnival, sports events like marathons, padel tournaments, sailing competitions, and even well-known events like Iron Man taking place in this scenic bay.

Taking part in local events can help you be more integrated and feel the joy of choosing this place as your new home.

Luna tips: Cascais is a villa to wander! Take a walk by Paredão, a promenade that connects Cascais to São Joao do Estoril, and be surprised by its breathtaking sunsets.

This photo portraits a woman sitting and enjoying the sunset near Boca do Inferno.
Sunset by Farol da Guia
Sunset near Boca do Inferno

Third, try to learn the local language.

You are in Portugal, so take advantage of it!

You’re immersed in a Portuguese-speaking community eager to connect and network. It will surely help you connect and communicate with the locals, have a better understanding of the culture, and receive the best local suggestions.

Luna tips: at the colorful Mercado da Vila you will find a bit of everything! From grocery to local art, this is a must-go spot.

Check their agenda here as they offer cultural events as well.

This photo portraits vegetables like tomatoes and green beans that were available for purchase at Mercado da Vila in Cascais.
Last but not least… Luna House!

Luna House is both a guest house and a coworking space. We love to say we are a hub where creative minds gather and make beautiful connections right in front of our eyes.

We desire to see our community grow strong and connected.

With that in mind, we always offer events that aim to gather coworkers, facilitate networking, promote fertile soil to grow friendships among people who share the same workspace, welcome newcomers, and simply have the joy of sharing laughter. Be a part of it! 

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Two women sit in semi circle to participate a moon ritual at Luna House

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